Geoff Daking at Full Sail

Geoff Daking, with Mark Hornsby, will be at Full Sail University on October 12th to present a recording seminar, including Geoff’s history in the business (From pop drummer to engineer to designer) and the Daking signal processors and amplifiers. Students will be checking out the gear in action and learning recording tips and techniques from a couple of true pros.

How to Test a Mic Pre for Noise

Question: How do I test the amount of noise added by a mic preamplifier?

Answer: First you need to terminate the input of the mic pre by connecting pins 2 and 3 together.  This can be done with a paperclip inserted into pins 2 and 3 on the microphone input.  If you have a microphone plugged into the mic input, then you are hearing the self-noise of the mic AND the noise of the preamp.  If you have it connected to nothing then you are hearing an un-terminated connection which is likely to include electro-magnetic and radio interference.

With pins 2 and 3 shorted, you can easily evaluate the noise added by the pre-amplifier either by ear or with your favorite meter.